Structural Systems in France

Whether a real estate buyer chooses an apartment in the “arrondissenments” immediately around the center of Paris, in the suburbs or even a village cottage house in the countryside, the structural systems and amenities offered are fairly much similar

Energy source

The national grids carrying nuclear powered electricity radiate outwards from the power plants providing cheap electricity to the neighborhoods and suburbs of Paris and the countryside. The energy source provides electricity even to remote areas and supply power to utilities and appliances in homes, apartments and houses.

House related amenities, appliances and entertainment

The French are very fond of outdoor life and entertainment and they always make special efforts in including outdoor entertainment as a form of added pleasure and enjoyment to guests. The listed accommodation aspects are included as part and parcel of a cottage accommodation in France.

Excellent plumbing is provided in the majority of homes in the city area and suburbs as well as countryside. Dozens of professional and efficient plumbing services are provided to service all home and accommodation needs.

Running tap water is plentiful in France and most of the population is connected to the national water supply. Apartments buildings and houses up for sale are all connected to the main water supply.

To provide cooling relief for the summer heats especially in the inland areas and along the Mediterranean, accommodation in France offer central air-conditioning. The appliance is provided especially for real estate buyers in the south of France.

For the buyer or a renting couple or family, entertainment is provided by a flat screen television set along with DVD player with dozens of movies especially provided for guests. For variety, a stereo system is also made available to buyer and renting guest alike.

Good toilet facilities in homes, rental apartments, buildings and houses are essential and France provides more than adequately in this department. Almost every home is connected to the sewerage disposal system but for those that aren’t, separate home units or septic tanks serve a similar purpose.

Providers of paid accommodation in France recognize the indispensable need for work and communication. Even in a cottage, a laptop is provided for guests who didn’t bring their own. On the downside, many rental properties do not have phones but those that do permit free local calls to local numbers and many overseas countries.

Bedding and toiletries are also provided even in cottage accommodation and at all locations and in all situations, linens, towels, robes and related toiletries are so luxurious in quality they resembles the “spa feeling.

Being fanatics about food quality and taste, the kitchen of paid accommodation literally bristles with cooking implements and utensils. It is fully equipped with all standard appliances but with extra kitchenware not found elsewhere in house rentals. Seasonings, cooking oils and vinegars are part of the well-stocked kitchen. Everything needed for cooking a meal is found in the kitchen.

For relaxation indoors there are reading books galore, but bicycles are racked nearby in case the guest prefers rather to enjoy the countryside’s fresh air and view.

For a hot bath, excellent water heating facilities are provided and for the cold of winter, the cooling system switches to heating mode to provide heat for the whole house for warding off the cold air of winter.

In spring or summer, an outdoor picnic in the garden ground or open space provides an excellent relaxing time and even in a cottage accommodation, an outdoor barbecue is provided for the paying guests.

Guided tours provide another form of relaxation and a chance to inhale the clean countryside air and view the enchanting scenery of the French countryside.

The day can be rounded off with a cup of tea with biscuits, chocolates and assorted sweets in the afternoon. These are readily provided even in a rented cottage.

For those who really want to enjoy the countryside, a short trip to a selected site with a basket of food and wine can easily be arranged by guests themselves or with the assistance of a provided guide.

For paying quests who wish to venture out further, there are beach umbrellas and lay back chairs that can be taken to the beach or any other preferred relaxing site.

If the guests so choose, they can take part in cooking lessons on how to cook local cuisine or join a cruise on the rivers or the Mediterranean.

With all these outings, everything inevitably gets tainted with dirt and even a cottage rental offers the best in washing facilities – a washer and dryer.